Rough Stock Band​​

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​Harry Sherman

​​Elisa Beth Magagna

​I retired in 2012 after 32 years of Government service. I spend most of my time working a small family ranch at Malad and Dairy Creek, Idaho. I love to hunt, fish, ride horses and drive tractors. I love spending time in the moutains with my wife where we trail ride and camp out a lot. Being the manager of the band keeps me busy booking jobs, writing songs and doing paperwork...
​​​I am an Office Manager at Portneuf Primary Care in Pocatello, Idaho. I love writing ( pen name EC Stilson). When I'm not gigging with the band I will be doing fun stuff with my family. I also love fishing for anything that I can catch... :)​​

Jimmy James Schaub​​

​​​I recently retired from teaching music at North Cache Jr. High School. I enjoy my small collection of farm animals and love my family. I also play jazz on a regular basis when not performing with Rough Stock. I have a small music production studio that keeps me busy. In the summer, I love to Kayak, Canoe and fly fish. I have a substantial musical collection of instruments.

Trent Porter

I teach school at Orion Jr. High in Harrisville, UT  I teach PE and coach basketball. My priorities are my Family and my Church. Playing drums in Rough Stock is a huge bonus and takes up the rest of my time when I'm not doing all these other things...

​​Terry Morris

I currently work as a consultant helping companies win Government contracts. In my free time I love spending time with my sweetheart Lizzy and our family, travel any chance we get, work on projects around the house...especially construction related projects and design and build stained glass windows…and of course playing keyboards for Roughstock!