Rough Stock Band​​

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The Rough Stock Band, based out of Malad City, Idaho is a 5 piece, professional country western band. Created by lead guitarist, Harry Sherman of Malad,  back in 1998, this band is equipped to handle any type of job, whether big or small, inside, outside, or even in remote locations.  Rough Stock members are very congenial, professional, skilled and are easy to work with.
Because of the skills verses the cost of this band, many clients are using Rough Stock rather than hiring bands that have major recording contracts who are nationally known and would cost them much more money.
The band frequently performs at Fairs, Rodeos, community events, private parties, wedding receptions, company parties and such. You will hear lots of country music from the 90's and early 2000's as well as some 80's rock, along with a few original songs. Once you hear Rough Stock, you will question why they are not a Nashville bound band. The simple answer is, we love the Intermountain Western portions of the U.S. and pride ourselves in being big fans of small towns..

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